Program Descriptions

June 14, 2020

June is our Annual Awards Banquet and potluck in celebration of everything that has happened over the past year and so we look forward to seeing many of you come out as we celebrate our Spring Show Awards as well.

This month’s meeting is June 14, 2020 and our last meeting until September 13th. We wish to make this a social event, as well as conducting our normal activities, so bring an item, sweet or savory, we are also suggesting an ethnic theme.

Picture Day!

The June program will include the Ugly Duckling Show for Gesneriads and African Violets. So bring as many sorrowful-looking plants as you can find. Don't be afraid to bring those dreadful looking plants, you may win an award for them! You may even find out how to make your plant perform the way you want it to perform.
Please, NO insect infested plants.

In the Garden Hall at 2:00 pm